5th German Pharm-Tox Summit


Stephan Künzel
Elias Rawish

Young Investigator Awards

Best Short Presentation in Toxicology
Maximilian Fellermann (Ulm/DE); Title: “Bacterial exotoxin-based biohybrid transporters for delivery of therapeutic peptides into the cytosol or across the blood-brain barrier“

Best Short Presentation in Experimental Pharmacology
Carsten Höß (Marburg/DE); Title: “Rasal1 - the missing GAP downstream of plexins“

Best Short Presentation in Clinical Pharmacology
Mirna Fahmi (Dresden/DE); Title: “Targeting phosphodiesterase 2, an innovative strategy to protect against cardiac arrhythmia“


Prof. Dr. Thomas Gudermann (Munich/DE)

GT - Toxins Award
Daniel Henkel (Hannover/DE)

Merck-Young Scientist Toxicology Award
Ines Schreiver (Berlin/DE)

Poster Awards

Best Poster of Basic Pharmacology
Magdolna Levay (Mannheim/DE); Title: „RGS3L as potential mediator of the non-neuronal acetylcholine-induced contractility in smooth muscle“ (P29)

Christina Beck (Munich/DE); Title: „Inhibition of miR-21 mediates cardioprotection by its preferential target regulation in non-myocytes“ (P149)

Best poster of Toxicology
Tim Spannbrucker (Düsseldorf/DE); Title: „Repetitive exposure to carbon nanoparticles induce cell cycle arrest, senescence and loss of gap junctional communication in lung epithelial cells (P121)“

Best Poster of Clinical Pharmacology
Susen Becker und Christin Helmschrodt (Leipzig/DE); Title: „Development of an LC-MS/MS method for the quantification of neurotransmitters in murine microdialysate (P179)“

Ole Jensen (Göttingen/DE); Title: „Variability and heritability of baseline concentrations and high dose pharmacokinetics of thiamine (Vitamin B1) (P68)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology – Immuno-pharmacology/inflammation/anti-infectives“
Christin Mayr-Buro (Giessen/DE); Title: „Single cell-based analyses of the dynamically regulated NFκB signalling by proximity ligation assay (P193)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology - Nuclear receptors, enzymes and other targets“
Peter Reinhardt (Münster/DE); Title: „Inactivation of HDAC2 alters basal intracellular calcium dynamics in mice (P189)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology – Signal transduction and second messengers“
Mario Günscht (Dresden/DE); Title: „Phosphodiesterase 2 affects calcium handling and heart performance (P169)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology - Ion channels and membrane transporter“
Rick Raudszus (Leipzig/DE); Title: „The dithiolane X10056 inhibits TRPV2 channels endogenously expressed in primary macrophages (P49)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology - Disease models, drug development I“
Frederik Flenner (Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck/DE); Title: „Comparison of arrhythmic features in mouse and human models of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, based on mutations in MYBPC3 (P133)“

Best Poster in the section of „Pharmacology - Cancer pharmacology and treatment“
Meike Kähler (Kiel/DE); Title: „Change of gene expression and DNA methylation through generation of tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia cells (P1)“

GT Best Short talks

Marja Kornhuber (Berlin/DE); Title: "Adherens junction reorganization as endpoint to identify estrogenic substances"

Anne-Margarethe Enge (Berlin/DE); Title: "Uptake and transport of hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in HepaRG cells"