4th German Pharm-Tox Summit

AGAH Workshop

Introduction to biomarkers and pharmacodynamic models and their use in drug development

The workshop addresses young scientists working in basic pharmacological research and other colleagues involved in biomedical research who would like to know more about early phase clinical development.

Biomarkers and pharmacodynamic models will be the focus of this workshop. Translation from knowledge derived from non-clinical studies to planning and conduct of early clinical trials aims at mitigating risk as well as at increasing the predictability for a safe and successful development. Biomarkers fit for purpose and meaningful pharmacodynamic models are most important tools in this context.

Learn from experts in early medicines development how to assess safety and tolerability, how to investigate mechanisms of action and how to demonstrate proof of concept for promising new compounds in healthy subjects and patients.

Breaks present a good opportunity for networking with faculty and colleagues. The number of participants is limited to 50 persons. Participation fee is 40 Euro for delegates fully registered for the GPTS and 100 Euro for a day ticket for the AGAH Workshop only.