3rd German Pharm-Tox Summit

Scientific programme

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Advanced courses, 26 February 2018

13:00–16:40 Advanced course pharmacology
DGP/SPS/DZHK - Workshop – Preclinical Drug Development

Participants who registered after 12 February 2018 will receive the course certificate after the conference via email.

Introduction to classical pharmacology and its application on safety pharmacology strategies: Quantification of drug actions requires an appreciation of classical bioassay and concentration–response relations and is a basic skill essential for a clear understanding of all aspects of pharmacological research. This workshop will focus on muscle pharmacology and novel tools to identify and validate drug targets and responses. Topics covered include: receptor structure/function using classical techniques such as tissue bath, Langendorff in vitro systems as well as anaesthetized and conscious animal models for the assessment of complex physiological end points such as pre-load, intrinsic cardiac contractility, and peripheral resistance; novel cell-based tools, the application of genome editing, and screening approaches will be covered to complement classical pharmacological approaches.

The workshop is organized jointly by the German Society of Pharmacology (DGP), the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK).

10:00–17:00 Advanced course toxicology
Risikobewertungskonzepte für verschiedene regulatorische Bereiche

Erläuterung der rechtlichen Hintergründe, der Risikobewertungskonzepte und spezieller Aspekte in den verschiedenen regulatorischen Bereichen sowie Förderung des Dialoges zwischen den verschiedenen regulatorischen Bereichen.

13:00–17:00 Advanced Course Clinical pharmacology
ADME & clinical application


AGAH workshop, 28 February 2018

First-in-human trials – What you need to know.