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About Stuttgart

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Welcome to the birthplace of the automobile! In 1886 Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were working on a new invention – the motor-car. Today people can go to a Mercedes-Benz and a Porsche museum in the City.

In Stuttgart nature goes hand in hand with technology, and tradition with innovation. Its architecture ranges from Baroque to ultramodern. It spans the diversity of the pulsating economic metropolis and a wealth of culture on the highest level. And all of this is to be found amidst idyllic, topographically appealing scenery.

There are many parks and green areas, a great cultural scene, iconic city districts with a bustling club scene, vineyards in the heart of the city, mineral baths for relaxation and much more - in short: the city is all about a high quality of life. Stuttgart is modern, urban, cosmopolitan, sustainable and sometimes also a little edgy. A great city with that certain something and a great place to live.

Stuttgart's rich culture programme will surprise you: Stuttgart Ballet, the State Opera, numerous theatres, National Gallery and Museum of Art, many concerts and museums. Furthermore the many festivals, concerts and celebrations shape life in the city: starting with Cannstatter Folk Festival, Weindorf Wine Festival and the Christmas Market through to the Summer Festival of Cultures or the  International Animated Film Festival  -and if you still have energy after these, you can go in the clubs and bars in the city centre.

You can even relax in many different ways and places in Stuttgart: in the mineral baths or Wilhelma zoo and botanical garden, on Lake Bärensee on a wine trail or in Killesberg Park.